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The carpet inside your home serves a lot of functions. It makes it possible so you don’t have to walk on hard cement or cold stone floors. It reduces the sound level in your home. It adds value and a certain amount of beauty to your home. Carpets are one of the first things that people notice when you walk into your home. Nothing is more noticeable than soiled or stained carpet when you invite guests over. In fact, some say it’s the number one reason people don’t invite more guests over to their home, because their carpet is dirty and they won’t call a professional carpet cleaners because they think it is too expensive or will take too long!

We here at A-Chem-Brite Carpet Cleaners are here to serve you.

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Carpets need to be vacuumed quite often, more or less often depending upon the number of things:

1-The geography where you live
2-The amount of dust that is in your area
3-The number of kids you have
4-The types of pets you have
5-The number of people that live in your home, etc.

But no matter how many times you vacuum and how careful you are to keep it clean, occasionally carpets need professional carpet cleaning services. That’s where we come in.
One of our customers decided to clean the carpet himself and went to a local lumber store and rented a home carpet cleaners cleaning system. He spent the entire day working on his carpet because it was quite dirty. While this definitely was an improvement over his previous condition, several other problems arose. For one, the instructions on the chemical bottles that he purchased with the carpet cleaner were incorrect and within one week the carpet had large dark areas that required it to be completely cleaned all over again. Number two, he hired us to come in and fix his previous cleaning job and because we have professional equipment, we were done in less than two hours.

So not only did he waste an entire day thinking he was saving money, he should’ve just gone skiing and then left it to us. The amount of money spent on the home carpet cleaners system would’ve easily paid for a lift ticket.

We live in Reno and Sparks Nevada and serve the customers here. Our city is one of the dustiest cities in the nation. The dust that gets into the carpets in our area is extremely fine and gets down inside the carpet. One customer showed us bumps that appeared in their carpet. No amount of vacuuming could get rid of them. As we pulled up a corner of the carpet we found small mounds of dirt that were the accumulation of dust over the years and had formed themselves into little mounds. This neglect caused the carpet to be unusable and needed to be replaced even though it had years of life left in it.

Not only do we clean carpets but we also clean upholstery, tile floors and countertops, remove pet odors and deodorize your carpet, use Scotchgard to protect it for the future, stretch and repair carpets to put them back in their original condition, etc. We also clean Tile and Grout; have you looked closely at your tile or grout lately? It might scare you!

No job is too large or too small for our professional cleaners to take care of your home. Just go here for more details about Carpet Cleaning.

Please give us a call at 775-425-6604 and get a fast accurate quote on what we take to get your carpet back to his beautiful condition and will allow you to not feel guilty inviting friends over again. We should be your first choice in carpet cleaners.


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